Offres d'emplois proposées par nos membres ou partenaires

Type d'emploi
Titre Employeur Détails
Lecturer Lectureship in Applied Thermofluids University of Cambridge  jobs.cam.ac.uk
Post-doc Mechanism reduction for the JP10 thermo-oxidation simulation Institut Jean le Rond d’Alembert  JLRDA_2018
Post-doc Development of two-line atomic fluorescence for gas-phase temperature measurements in combustion. CORIA  PRF_CORIA18
Post-doc Experimental study of the Spark-Assisted Compression Ignition in an optical Access Engine PRISME  Prisme18-5
Post-doc Impact of aerodynamics on the air-fuel mixture and combustion for multi-hole diesel injections PRISME  Prisme18-4
Post-doc Experimental study of the HCCI and GCI combustion by ozone seeding PRISME  Prisme18-3

Effect of the Cetane Improver on the combustion and the pollutant emission of a Diesel  Compression Ignition Engine

PRISME  Prisme18-2
Post-doc Experimental study of the Auto ignition of gasoline and surrogate fuels in a Rapid Compression Machine PRISME  Prisme18-1
Post-doc Optimized and reduced chemistry for turbulent combustion modeling of perfluorocarbons CORIA-Solvay  CORIA-Solvay18
Post-doc Numerical modelling of NOx formation in gas turbine combustors NUIG-Siemens NUIG2018
Post-doc Modélisation de la combustion du tricyclo [5.2.102,6] décane (THCPD) LRGP  LRGP18
Post-doc Développement et validation d’un mécanisme d’oxydation à basse température du THCPD ICARE   ICARE18
Post-doc Combustion modelling in the Lattice Boltzmann Framework M2P2   M2P2 2018-2
Post-doc Interfaces in reactive flows M2P2   M2P2 2018-1
Post-doc Soot modelling in premixed flames:
Effect of hydrogen and oxygenated compounds on soot nucleation and soot formation
PC2A   PC2A 2018
Ingénieur CDI Expert(e) Combustion Fives Stein   pdf Expert Combustion
Chercheur CDI Modeling for Environment and Safety Cerfacs  Cerfacs2017
Post-doc PhD and Post-doctoral researcher for the project entitled: “Energy transfer processes at gas/wall interfaces under extreme conditions.” University of Edinburgh   ERC Edimbourg

Ingénieur calculs 3D combustion moteur – H/F (cdd)

IFPEN  Calcul 3D 2017
Post-doc Numerical study of the effect of additives to solid propellant combustion EM2C, CentraleSupélec
  postdoc MACADAM
Post-doc Optical characterization of soot LEMTA - FJV   FJV_2018